We now have a new website that is devoted to the marine market and to solutions for implementing NMEA 2000 networks and products. Please make note of the new location at www.nmea2000solutions.com.

Please excuse the dust! We are reorganizing our website to be better able to serve our customers.

Mystic Valley Communications provides consulting and services to assist our customers with the efficient and secure use of their networking resources. Our expertise extends to both office and marine environments. Here are just a few examples of how we can help your organization:

  1. Technical Project Direction - Based on your requirements, we can develop a technical approach, identify budget and technical milestones, and implement a solution that meets your needs. Our flexible style allows us to implement project objectives by directing your own staff or with resources selected from our partners.
  2. NMEA 2000® Solutions - Let us apply our extensive knowledge of the NMEA 2000® specification to help you solve problems related to developing or deploying NMEA 2000® certified devices. We can work alongside with your design or installation staff, or provide training suited to your production methods.
    Projects we have been involved in include:
    • Beyond Measure - Mystic Valley Communications developed the NMEA 2000® interface built into the Fish Gate 100, and also provided product development to Beyond Measure to coordinate the communication interfaces for their accompanying display and the satellite communications module.
    • Digital Switching Systems - Mystic Valley Communications developed the firmware for and provided NMEA 2000® certification testing for the Power Gate 2000 gateway to their OmniBus power distribution and control network.
    • NMEA 2000® Bridge - In 2011, Mystic Valley Communications introducted our first NMEA 2000® product, the first ever certified bridge between two NMEA 2000® networks.
    Mystic Valley Communications is also an NMEA member and a regular contributor to the NMEA 2000® Standards Committee.
  3. JobBOSSTM ERP Software Upgrade Planning and Implementation - We can assist in planning your upgrade to the most recent version of JobBOSSTM, or migrate you to a Terminal Server based environment. We work with your existing support staff and Exact Software technical support to get you up and running smoothly, and to ensure that your staff has the knowledge necessary to take the reigns when the project is finished.
  4. Reduce Cost of Ownership - We can apply our experience working with small companies to reduce the hidden cost of ownership: time spent by your staff determining why the computer isn't working, and then attempting to fix the problem by reinstalling and reconfiguring software.
  5. Software Development - Let us apply our varied experience in many application programming languages and development environments to help you with your software development projects as a short term supplement to your in-house development staff.

For more information, contact David Morschhauser at (860) 572-7053.